Thursday, August 21, 2008

Telling Parables to My Kids

Reading The Story about Ping to my kids last week it hit me, "I'm doing what Jesus did...telling parables to explain God's word and ways to my kids."
It was an ah-ha moment.

I've been doing the Five in A Row studies with my boys. It's only our second week, we're on Storm in the Night, but it's been great!!
Today my son asked, "Mom, do those people worship Jesus?" pointing to the characters in the book.

I answered, "Maybe they do, I don't know son."

He stated confidently, "No, they don't cause you didn't read that they said anything about Jesus."

I smiled. I went on to explain to him that just because they didn't say Jesus or God in the book doesn't mean they don't worship Jesus. I said, "In a way son, all these stories tell about Jesus."

"Nuh-uh," he nayed.

"Yes son, because... who made that man? (pointing to the man in the story)"

"Jesus," he answered.
"Yep! And who made that boy?"


"And who made that storm?"


"See son we don't know whether those people in the book worship Jesus or not, they may or they may not, but we can worship Jesus whether the story says Jesus' name or not because all things were created by Jesus and for Jesus."

"Hmmm," he replied, curious about my answer.

I love reading the Bible to my boys and explaining what I've read to them. I love singing a memory verse to them and applying it to different situations throughout our days. But I also love these day to day parables I get to tell through storybooks and t.v. shows and different things which present an opportunity for me to show my boys that WE WORSHIP JESUS IN EVERYTHING WE DO, and that His fingerprints are everywhere.

Do you tell your kids parables?

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