Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More AWESOME SEEDS Family Worship

One of the coolest things about blogging is that every once in awhile you get something FOR FREE!!

Awhile back, when I was looking for some good, scriptural music to listen to and sing with my boys, something that would get God's word in their hearts through song, I found SEEDS Family Worship through another blogger. I quickly ordered the Courage CD. My boys and I listen to it DAILY in the mornings when we're doing our chores and when we ride in the car. The boys almost instantly had several scriptures memorized and were walking around singing these words of life all the time. I too found that singing these great tunes SEEDS put together was branding God's word on my heart. Often I wake up with these scripture songs going through my head and I sing one of the songs from the CD to my boys before they go to bed. I just can't say enough good about the SEEDS Family Worship CD's...I HIGHLY recommend them!

Well, anyway, the other day I got an email from Michelle at SEEDS Family Worship asking if I'd be interested in receiving a free pre-release copy of their new CD The Power of Encouragement. Uh, YEAH, of course I would!!!! And today I got the copy in the mail (thanks Michelle!!!). I instantly popped in the player in the car and began soaking up the songs and words of scripture with my boys. It's another great one! The scriptures are true words of encouragement from Phillipians 4:12-13, Phillipians 4:8, Psalm 55:22, John 16:33, Psalm 139:14, Mark 9:35, James 1:19, Matthew 28:19, Isaiah 40:29-31, and Luke 2:8-14. I'm so looking forward to getting these in my heart and my kids' hearts.

Singing scripture truly does make a difference. It's one thing to write a verse down on a 3 by 5 card and try to remember it...nothin' wrong with that. But I think it's even better to sing and have an instant coorelation between a certain tune and a verse of scripture. For me, it sticks much better!

So PLEASE run, don't walk over to the SEEDS Family Worship website and get your hands on a CD or two or four! I trust that as you listen to these, like me, you'll find yourself singing scripture and thinking on God's word and having it spill out of your heart first thing in the morning and at night too.

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