Monday, April 28, 2008

We "officially" started homeschooling

Well my husband gave me the ok and so we are officially taking up the high call of teaching our children at home- at least for one year. I'm so excited about it that I started another blog. Learning As We Go Homeschool- come visit me!

Many of you who've visited me at Timothy Moms have been the sweet invitation God has used to draw me in desire to go down this path.

Timothy Moms will still continue to be the place where I post about teaching my kids the scriptures and the struggles and victories of that high calling. But now over at Learning As We Go you'll find me journaling our journey into homeschooling.
If you head over there you'll find the vision I feel God's leading me in doing this and links to other experienced homeschoolers who've been salt to me, making me thirst for Jesus in this area and ringing "Amens" in my heart and plans for our homeschool.

* OH! And be sure to come back tomorrow for Tuesdays For Timothy Moms. We're just going to use tomorrow as an opportunity to share prayers for our kids or areas where we're asking for prayer.

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Leslie said...

Good for you for following God's call! We know that whatever He calls us to do, HE will provide strength, energy, wisdom, etc... to help us do it!
You go girl!