Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesdays for Timothy Moms- LATE!

Well, my computer's been down so I wasn't able to get today's post up for TfTM's, but I can't just use that as an excuse, since the computer's been up and running today, and it's just now that it hit me, "Today's Tuesday! That's right! I started a WEEKLY meme! Get with the program Sheila!"

So I intended to go MUCH shorter and sweeter an simpler this week as opposed to last weeks lead balloon start with writing a creed. This week just post about a recent "teachable moment" you had with your kids concerning God's word. It can be a short (or long) narrative or a picture or two or three.

Here's mine:

I made little wordless haggadas for the kids, with clip art of each part of the seder.

We're studying Passover this month, Sunday evening we had our Passover dinner with friends here at the house. My boys were soooooo excited about it! The older one especially kept announcing to everyone- daddy, neighbor kids playing in the street with him, pedestrians walking by our front yard...everybody, "We're having a big feast! It's our passover!" What struck me was how God knows best how His kids learn...how ANY kids learn. The seemingly dry regulations for an annual observance of Passover for the Israelites in Exodus 12 and 13 is really the Daddy of all daddies setting up a special day, with special activities to help his kids remember and ENJOY learning and remembering His plan for redemption.

The kids singing and dancing to Dayenu (by Jill Moskowitz) and Nothing but the Blood (by Jars of Clay) after our seder dinner. Sooooo sweet!

Father knows best! While I'm seeking to plant God's word in my kids' hearts and often times struggling to know how best to go about doing that, my heavenly Father has the lesson plans and field trips already written out in His word. And He knows as a parent, I'm learning how to be a parent as I go. He doesn't expect me to have all the answers. He has them all. By equipping me with His word to use in training my sons, He's given me the material and the activities that will help them ask the questions that He has the answers to, and the teacher is learning as much or more than the students as we use His curriculum.

Here's some pictures of our "spring cleaning" while we continue the Passover week study with the Unleavened bread week. We made some unleavened cornbread and flat wheat bread. The boys really like it.
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Next week at Tuesdays for Timothy Moms: A prayer for your kids.


e-Mom said...

Oh, I loved sharing Passover with you through these photos! Yes, the Lord has so many teaching moments already laid out in Scripture for us. The Passover Seder meal is a fantastic "object lesson."

This year I cooked lamb, but I didn't go through all the preparations that I have in the past. Shalom! :~D

Leslie said...

Hey Sheila--
This week's meme is much easier for me to answer. Thank you for the awesome pictures and Passover ideas. It never occurred to me to celebrate Passover (duh!). And since my daughter has a dog-walking job for an older Jewish couple down the street, who gave us a pretty cool package of pasta (Mrs. told daughter that she was cleaning out her cupboards), I should have done something teachable with that. Well, there's still time-maybe I can work that pasta into this week's dinner menu and expound then. Thanks Sheila!

Irritable Mother said...

"He doesn't expect me to have all the answers. He has them all."
So thankful for that TRUTH!!!