Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Encouraging and Helpful Posts

While I'm on hiatus I'm still reading other people's blogs when I have a chance and have been greatly encouraged and inspired by the following posts.

  1. Jesus' Use of Q and A: E-Mom at Chrysallis has a great post about how we as parents can learn from Jesus' style of drawing out real answers by using questions.
  2. Practical Ways to Cultivate Spirituality in a Child- Part 1: Lindfay at Higher Up and Further In has a very wise and practical post with ideas for teaching our kids about the God we worship and His ways.
  3. Christian Heros: Shari at Kids Love Jesus has a weekly Christian Heros post that are just great! I read the Hudson Taylor story to my boys yesterday as we began talking about and praying for China (you can go here to learn more about that and get a free bracelet)
  4. Lifting Hands isn't a post but a regular prayer blog which faithfully reminds me to pray for my kids in specific areas using scripture. Momma Roar is the writer of Lifting Hands.

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