Thursday, May 8, 2008

Timothy Mom Awards!

I've been so encouraged by the many moms who share their lives, and their passion for Jesus exhibited in their love for their husbands and children in the blogging world. And seeing that Mother's Day is around the corner I decided to create a new blog award: The Timothy Mom award!

The Timothy Mom award goes to a mom blogger who fits this description, at least to the degree one can tell from a blog:

A mom, who, like Eunice and Lois (see 2 Timothy 1:5,15), makes it her aim to teach her kids the scriptures and not only teach but live a life of genuine faith in Christ before her children, laboring in love to see Christ formed in them.
For the moms who exhibit that aim in their blogs- this is for you!

There are probably at least 100 blogging mommas I'd love to give this award to, but since I'd have to abandon my own call to be a Timothy Mom to my children to sit here and give all 100 plus of you my Mother's Day present, I'll just give out my top 11 ( it was 10 but I just remembered about Mommy "Monk" and I can't leave her out of the top ten :-) for now (I'll be sure to do this often though, and hopefully get to all 100 and more of you :-):
  1. Summer at 5 Colorful Kiddos: Shepherdess to five lambs, so far I am a blessed mommy of five colorful kids! And the wife of a godly man. We currently live and minister in East Africa. It is my desire to first and foremost love Jesus, honor and submit to my husband and train up my children in the ways of the Lord.
  2. Captivated @ Trenkle Toes: i love being a wife and a mom and a daughter of God. i love living in the moment and learning from my past. i treasure those secret smiles between me and my husband from across a crowded room (even if it's our living room, amidst our own little crowd). i love **feeling** life... having a good laugh or a good cry and embracing circumstances the Lord brings my way... i don't ever want to stop growing and learning, hoping and loving. i always want to be captivated by the love of Christ and live a life that is... captivating...
  3. Joy @ Joy in the Journey: I just recently discovered Joy's blog and was tremendously blessed. She writes: I am a child of the King, saved by grace alone. I am the proud wife of a missionary pilot, and the blessed mommy of five. We live on the island of Tarakan in Indonesia where we serve as missionaries. My life is full of the mundane as well as the unexpected! Join me as I seek to live out an authentic example of a follower of Christ before my family and the world.
  4. Crystal @ Biblical Womanhood: Crystal writes: More than anything else in this world, I love the Lord and I love being a help meet to my husband and mother of our beautiful daughters! As a stay-at-home wife and mom, I am blessed to get to spend all day, everyday with our adorable little girls. Though it's not always the easiest job in the world, I wouldn't trade it for the world.
  5. Leslie @ Contended in West Lafayette: Leslie honestly shares: Because of a relocation last summer, during which I kicked & screamed and generally made my discontent known, I am a new to being a stay-at-home wife & mother. After several months of trying to do this new life situation my way I finally realized that God has His reasons for my placement here. I am working on finding joy and contentment in this new phase of life.
  6. All the ladies at the Timothy Moms Homeschool Lounge group (I know that's cheating...but you're all T-Moms!)
  7. Ann' Re @ Home: I'm also new to Ann' Re's blog, but was blessed by my recent visit. She writes: I'm a wife of 13 years to my terrific hubby, homeschooling mom to my active 8 year old son (and not giving up hope for more), a big city girl moved to a small Amish town, struggling Proverbs 31 and aspiring Titus 2 woman.
  8. Serenity @ Downward Spiraling: Serenity, her husband Andy, and their 3 precious kiddos have taken a step of faith in their walk with Christ that has inspired me to be always seek to be the least too: Serenity writes: A regular mom in a family of 5 desiring to love God radically and serve Him with all my heart.
  9. Rebecca @ Huff Homeschool Happenings: Rebecca's blog has been such an encouragement to me. She recently posted this comment at Timothy Moms: My daily prayer is that the Lord will organize my day, right down to my very thoughts, so that I can apply myself to that which will reach eternity; my children.

  10. Jennifer @ Gathering Grace: Jennifer is also one of my most encouraging mommy blogging stops. She writes: I'm a daughter of grace, living out my childhood dreams, married to John, my Prince Charming who swept me off my feet 18 years ago. I'm a SAHM to our children, Courtney (13), Claire(10), and Jack (5). I enjoy homeschooling them, and we stay busy having fun with dance lessons, ball practices, and church activities. Together we have made a happy, ordinary kind of life that is something to be truly grateful for. I hope one day my children will find in these "pages" a real woman with real struggles and real happiness, along with the things God had for me to learn. I hope they will also discover those many places where I found God's grace all along the way! I hope they, and anyone who reads, will find truth, encouragement, freedom, and certainly grace in my life and words. In the real world, sometimes these things come easily, and sometimes they come with difficulty. Wherever THEIR journeys take THEM, I hope that I can offer some real and solid encouragement here, from my own experiences, to help remind THEM to keep gathering God's grace all along their own way.
  11. Heather @ Mumblings of a Mommy "Monk": Heather writes: Monk: One who lives in solitary self-denial. Mommy: What a child calls the woman who gave him/her birth. MommyMonk: A woman attempting to find inner solitude in the daily self-denial of motherhood. Her blog is new to me too, but in my visits I definantly hear the heart of a Timothy Mom, and I just couldn't leave her out of this T-Mom list!

Happy Mother's Day- a bit early- ladies! May you be richly blessed as builders of God's kingdom in your roles as mommas!

If you're a mom who seeks to lead your kids to Jesus, please take this award from me to you as a Mother's Day gift!

(and come visit my Honoring Mommas post at Who Can Find a Wife of Valor?...just a warning, there might be tears and laughter!)


Gina said...

Thank you Sheila for "raising the bar" so to speak and encouraging us fellow moms to seize the teachable moments and pour Christ's love and word into our little ones!

God bless you this Mother's Day! Thank you for allowing God to speak through you and bless those of us who "know" you:-)

Gina, blessed momma of three

Sheila said...

Thanks Gina for your encouragement! You are one the 100 plus Timothy mommas out there too! Please take the Timothy Mom award for you own blog too!

Your precious!

Anonymous said...

THANKS! I didn't realize you were posting... I'm going to go catch up now!!
I'm very humbled to be included in this list... you are a blessing.


Joy @ Joy in the Journey said...

Thank you so much for this award. You are a blessing!!

rebeccahuff said...

Awwwww!!! Thanks! I am so encouraged by the Timothy Mom blog! I really do get inspired by EVERY post! Rebecca Huff

Shepherdess to five lambs, so far said...


Carie said...

Thank you for introducing me to some wonderful blogging mommas!

Heather@Mommymonk said...

WOW! Thanks for including me in your list of wonderful moms. May we keep bringing our kids eyes' back to Jesus! What an honor.