Sunday, March 2, 2008

What we did in February

This last week I was sick, my access to the computer was down, and I got an answer to prayer! Right now it's nearly 10 pm and I just wanted to get at least ONE of the pages of notes I've been jotting down to myself this week done, that is: Post video of the boys' puppet song.

Last month the focus was Agape love and our memory verse was 1 John 3:16. As is always true, the teacher learned more than the students I think! The conviction and changing work of God in my heart is never more apparent than when I begin meditating on God's love and how He does a miracle in producing that love in me for others. Me! This dust-ball, cracked up clay pot, broken down, messed up sinner... who's totally amazed that Jesus loves her, and it's so real! Ah!

Anyway. So one of the things we did this month was begin worshipping with and serving some of the homeless in Phoenix on Saturday. We were PRIVELEGED and HUMBLED to get to see Jesus "with skin" on, in action, and even working through us His agape love down in the rejected parts of Phoenix. My boys were impacted. They've spontaneously brought up these people they are calling, "our homeless friends," and have begun praying for them many times and I just pray right along with them that God would guard and keep that seed He's planted in them and mature it to fruition.

We all had our bout with winter viruses this wasn't pretty. So many of my plans for teaching love verses to my boys didn't pan out. But we did make some book marks, which were fun to do and sent them to friends and family for Valentine's day.

We also did make sock puppets and the boys learned to sing a song from one of our favorite albums: Deliberate Kids by Phil Joel (Newsboys singer). It's "the Love song." I was so blessed that the boys did their little "skit" or song for their dad and he enjoyed it and has since asked them to, " the puppet show for dad again guys!" I'm blessed!! Thank you JESUS!!!

So here's some clips of them doing the original show for dad. (Sorry it's a bit choppy.)

my Love Bugs singing the Love song: take 1

take 2

and take 3

I'd love to hear how February went for any of you! And I'd vulnerably ask you to keep me in prayer as I'm praying for you too!

My heart is overwhelmed tonight. It's good for me to review what God has done this month and remember He is at work in the lives of me, my kids and my precious "Greek" husband.

Tonight at the dinner table (Something that rarely happens in our house: dad sitting at the dinner table with us. That's another post of thanks I'll share sometime.) I was fighting back tears! Just sitting there, looking at my family, knowing the enemy's desire and plan to seek to deceive and destroy me, Connor, Ryland and my husband with His LIES. My heart just cried, "Oh Lord! Save us!" Sometimes I just sense that real truth that the devil is like a roaring lion, seeking to devour us, and even more as I seek to obey God and teach my sons His ways and love my husband and do good to him.

I know it's not just me. I know we all face the same trials and struggles. So let's pray for each other!

OH! And the answer to prayer: I started an etsy shop! It's an answer to the prayer, "Lord! I want to craft something! I see in Your word this beautiful picture and skill You've given women. I see it in Proverbs 31:2, 'She makes...and sells them' I want to make something LORD and sell it to bring honor to You and how You've designed me as a woman though I feel like I can't craft a thing!" This answer to prayer has come as I've waited on the Lord, through the phone call of a dear sister a few weeks ago, and as the Lord's exposed my heart and I realized, "Hey! You can craft something. You think you can't because you compare yourself to others' ability. Just use what you have for God's glory and don't compare. Make it as unto the Lord out of love and worship and that's it!" So I decided to print simple, little cards of encouragement for women and also to sell cards that feature the prisoners on Prisoner (all the proceeds from those cards will go to send Action Packs or support through VOM). It's not up and running yet, but I plan to announce the shop I'm calling: encouragHer, tomorrow.

Thank you Lord for exposing my prideful heart and encouraging me to give to You my all!

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