Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just a little of what we've been doin'

Last week and the week before I've been blogging less and trying to figure out how to be a good steward of all God's given me with this new homemade card thing He's added to me. But so many great things have been happening along with struggles and issues that I've wanted to post about but haven't had a chance to.

Here's just a couple of things:

Our little sowing and reaping activity of planting seeds in little germination cups is going great! The seeds are actually growing and I'm being taught by the Lord more than anyone I think...although the boys are really getting it, it seems and they have been spontaneously talking about what sowing and reaping means with others.
Just yesterday, worshipping in Phoenix with our homeless friends, I was so touched by what Connor did. I've been having a hard time with him lately (truth be told it's usually him that I'm having a hard time with) when its time to read the Bible or worship together or I try to talk with Him about something in a "teachable moment" about Jesus during the day. I've been meeting a lot of resistance...weeds, hard soil, rocks...etc. Enough to make you want to say, "Ah! What's the point?!" But I haven't said that, I've just been praying for help...A LOT!
Anyway, while we were eating with the folks yesterday Connor said, "I want to tell that man in the black shirt about seeds and praying and sowing and reaping!" I was thrilled cause he brought it up on his own, out of nowhere, and so I told him to wait a second and we'd walk over there together.

The man in the black shirt he was pointing at was the pastor who preaches to the homeless every Saturday, and he was clear across this yard full of homeless folks, and honestly, I didn't want him out of my sight! But when I turned to pick up our stuff, Connor had already run over to the pastor. And when I found him in the crowd he'd gathered three or four, grown men around him, all bending at the waist with their hands to their ears, trying to hear and understand what this little boy was telling them.

When I arrived, shaking my head and smiling at the image of my boy boldly explaining, "Da seed is like God's Woowed, and da dirt is like people's heawts, and sowing is like when you stick da seed in da diwt, and reaping is like when you take a piece of fwuit of da twee," all the men looked at me puzzled for help to try and figure out what Connor was saying. I explained and they were blessed; chuckling and patting Connor on the back, telling them how thankful they were he shared that.

Immediately the Lord brought to mind the verse He gave me for Connor when Connor was just one- Psalm 119:73-74, " Your hands have made me and fashioned me; Give me understanding, that I may learn Your commandments. Those who fear You will be glad when they see me, Because I have hoped in Your word."

His word is true! The words He puts in our hearts for others, for ourselves, are true! We can stand on them and pray them and believe them! So many times I forget, or doubt, or get tired of waiting for that seed to sprout, much less bear fruit. And it's like the Lord gives me little glimplses like yesterday to remind me to not loose heart, but to endure and finish what He's called me to do in praying, sowing and even reaping in my kids' lives. Only God can make it alive and grow. But I must plant the seed and work the soil and pull some weeds and do it daily...several times a day!

Also, I just have to baby's not a baby anymore! Look! He's riding his bike with no training wheels!!!

I've been telling my husband, "It's too early. Dont' keep making him try to do it...he's just a baby." But he's insisted that Ryland is ready and so for the last couple days he's been working with him to practice riding with no training wheels and today...he got it!!! I'm thrilled for him and a bit sad too. No more training wheels, for some reason, equates with me as: I'm on my own now mom! See ya!

Go Ryland! Go Connor! Follow the Lord with all your hearts! Abandon yourselves to Him! Let Him lead you on an adventure of a life greater than riding with no training wheels!

And here's a pic of my stunt boy Connor on his bike too:


Luke, Laura, Britton & Ethan Purewal said...

This made me cry. I am also a Mom of two young boys (3 1/2 years and 9 months). I can feel your love for your boys and it echos my own for my babies. You inspire and encourage. Thank you for shining Gods light in my life. I love the picture of Ryland without the training wheels - it looks professional!

Sheila said...

luke, laur, britton and ethan- Bless you! May you be strengthened in your resolve to bring up your sons in the training and admonition of the Lord.

He is our strength!