Sunday, January 6, 2008

Sunday as a Timothy mom

Today was a stay at home Sunday. One of those very rare days where I choose to not go to church because of something my dh has requested of me and I just feel the Spirit is leading me to do so. For the most part I feel very strongly that my kids and I will go to church every week, not because we have to but because I want to and because I want my kids to be influenced and grow in those relationships with other believers (me too). But if you head over to my other blog you'll read about how today I wasn't very firm in my thinking about my decision to stay home because I didn't commit it to the Lord and so today was a very tossing, emotional day for me as a Timothy mom. But, just as my beautiful Savior always does, time was redeemed as He met me and ministered to me through the Word.

This morning in my devotions I was reading through Genesis 17 and was gleaning so much. In all my gleaning, I came upon Galatians 3:23, "But before faith came, we were kept under guard by the law, kept for the faith which would afterward be revealed." The Spirit really spoke to me concerning my kids in that verse. This is what He spoke:

Teaching, discipling, and nurturing your kids in God's word is keeping them under guard by the law. They are kept for faith, which will afterward be revealed to them. Until God reveals Himself to Connor and Ryland and they believe by faith and experience that conversion of their souls, the law, God's word in you, applying it to their lives and feeding it to them is guarding and keeping them.

God will keep that which I've committed to Him! Thank you Jesus!!

If you're a human Christian mom you know what it is to worry that your kids aren't going to believe. But this verse, along with others, gives me such confidence. God's word is acting as the ultimate guard over the fertile soil of their hearts. Though Satan wants to come in and wreak havoc and destroy what God has reserved for Himself in my sons, by faith and by God's grace His word being delivered to them through me and modeled and prayed by me will keep that which is destined for faith.

This is why I must labor, even as Paul did in writing to the various churches he loved and taught, prayed for and modeled godliness to, to be sure that Connor and Ryland are fed the word of God and that they see in me a model they can follow. Not that I have my own righteousness, but that they see me quick to repent and always choosing to humbly obey the same words of God I teach to them.

Father, I pray You would keep that in Connor and Ryland which I've committed to You until You bring them to Christ by Your Spirit drawing them.

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