Saturday, December 29, 2007

Torchlighters and NEST Videos

I forgot to mention on my resources post the other day the excellent NEST and Torchlighters videos. Torchlighters is distributed by the Voice of the Martyrs. We own the ones on Jim Elliot and William Tyndale. My boys (and I) love them! And from NEST we have Daniel. I'm looking forward to getting more from NEST too.

Last night Connor, my 4 1/2 year old, came walking out into the living room asking to watch, "the Jim Elliot movie." I was so blessed, even when offered by my husband Scooby Doo as an alternative choice (one that doesn't shout the gospel so unavoidably in his ears), Connor still chose the Jim Elliot story. We all watched it; even my precious husband joined in at the end (God is working!)

The Torchlighters are animated stories and they really speak the message of the calling on our lives as Christians to follow Christ in being willing to be rejected, even killed, while teaching others God's good news! The NEST videos are also animated and tell the stories of people from the Bible and history which are inspirational and great aides in visualizing the things I've been teaching them.

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