Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A new blog on Christmas Day?

It's Christmas day. So why in the world am I in here starting a new blog? Answer: My kids are on my heart...and their napping :-)

Since October of this year I've taken steps to implement more purposefully the teaching of God's word to my sons. As you can read in the "my heart for this blog" sidebar, I take the honor and responsibility of teaching my sons God's word seriously. It's God's call on my life, but until this past October I wasn't very purposeful in planning and carrying out the plans I'd made in teaching them. And even once I did start planning and carrying out the plans I ran into the 4 years of weed which had accumulated in the tender soil of my sons' hearts. And not just weeds but giants. Giants which loomed and threatened in my own mind, giants which I had allowed to camp out there. Giants of fear and doubt. But, by God's grace and the encouragement of the Spirit I have seen weeds removed and giants fall and even a few sprouts of fruit popping up here and there.

About a year ago I started blogging with a heart for wives to take up their God-ordained roll in the home with honor and faith. I continue to blog there but the journaling heart in me wants a place where I can pour out my thoughts, prayers, victories, plans, questions, resources...etc. concerning the pressing importance which is on my heart as a mom who is the primary teacher of God's word to her sons. So Timothy moms is started!

I chose Timothy moms as the name of this blog because of the New Testament Timothy and the inspiration his mom gives me. Though her husband was an unbelieving Greek man, she took up the call to teach Timothy God's word and the fruit of her labor is still being produced in my life and the lives of many today. Her diligence not only led to Timothy's salvation and calling as a pastor and teacher of God's word, but to the many who were changed due to how the Spirit was able to use Timothy. I want that for my boys!

I hope in 2008 I can gather more resources in the blog world from the other Timothy moms out there and share them along with what I'm doing here.

So as a start to my heart for this blog here's a link to a post on my other blog (A wife of valor) on what I'm doing to teach my kids God's word at Christmastime. Also, here are some other links to blogs I've been blessed by :

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Momala said...

I'm looking forward to this new blog. I know I could use some advice in this area.