Monday, October 13, 2008

teach them diligently: A timothy moms must have!

I just received the book Teach Them Diligently by Lou Priolo the other day and am totally encouraged and revived by it... and I've read the first three chapters!

As I said, I'm not even done with it yet, but it's so spot on with how God has moved my heart to take up diligently the ministry of teaching my kids His word and modeling a life of genuine faith in Christ to them daily that I had to pass it on to you!
I hope to get a handful of these books by Christmas and give them away here at timothy moms!


Hi! I'm Grace said...

This is a good book, Ma'am Sheila. If i got a kid, i will definitely want to have this. :)

Shore Do Love My Life said...

This book looks excellent...I will see if my library has it available. Thanks for the recommendation!!