Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Timothy Moms Tuesday

My answer to the TFTM's question today is in the question itself. The word of God that has really grabbed me as though the LORD were COMMANDING it to me lately has been Deuteronomy 6:6-7!

Two things "command" me in these verses, at least right now:

1. I need to be doing personal Bible study and listening for the words the Spirit would command me that day or in that season.

2. I can't teach God's word to my kids diligently if the Word's not already been impressed to me and is in my own heart.

For me, obeying what these verses say in teaching my kids what God is writing on my heart as I read HIS word, means I find myself telling them, "You know what Jesus has been teaching me boys....that I need to be teaching you!" I don't know if it sinks in or not, but I'm praying that the life that follows my words will be a model they can follow which leads them to Christ. And I'm also praying that my words, when out of frustration or fatigue, or just plain ole' seflish me, don't muddy the waters for them. I know I just need to be quick to repent to my kids. I must often get down on my knees and look into my boys' eyes and say, "I'm sorry son. That was wrong what I just did or said."

I'm praying for us mommas and for our kids as we seek to lead them to Christ!


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