Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesdays For Timothy Moms: Andrew Murray quote

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Abide in Christ, and let your children feel that to be near you is to be near Christ. ~ from How to Raise your Children for Christ by Andrew Murray.
Shepherdess to Five Lambs, So Far quoted this on her blog. I was really touched by it. I thought it was really the summary instruction for being a Timothy Mom.
Here are my thoughts:
I need to get that book!

This is my constant prayer daily, "Lord how do I best lead my children to You?" His answer continues to be the same and two-fold: "Worship Me and let them see you living out your faith in Me, and give them my Word, letting it convict them of sin and bring them to Jesus for salvation."

I can't just teach my children to Jesus, I also must love Him before my kids, and like this quote from Andrew Murray, if I abide in Christ, in His word, and let my kids be with me and around me as I do so, they will feel as though their are near Christ- somehow, by His grace!
Oh Lord help me to live a life before my children that says to them, "Follow me as I follow Christ."

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rebeccahuff said...

My daily prayer is that the Lord will organize my day, right down to my very thoughts, so that I can apply myself to that which will reach eternity; my children.
Thank you for such a wonderful blog!!!