Saturday, May 31, 2008

Then Sings My Soul Saturday: Seeds Family Worship


I was looking for a good worship CD that was basically scripture. I wanted something that would help me and my sons put God's word to memory and something we could sing together. I was so thrilled to find out about Seeds Family Worship from Joy at Joy in the Journey.

Here's the website. I purchased the Courage CD and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! So do my boys!

Here's the Seeds My Space site, more videos and music there you can listen too.

This is the Ephesian 2:8 song!
Signs For Life - Ephesians 2:8

For more Saturday soul singin' go here.


Susan said...

Oh, this was precious!!

Enjoyed linking over to the the other site too, thanks for sharing that.

Blessings to you♥

Cheryl said...

Hey Sheila,

This is a great song and video. I'm going to link over to the other site now and check it out.

Thanks for visiting my blog as well!



Shari said...

That was neat. Kids love to do sign language and hand motions when they worship. I like the catchy song with the important message, too.

Lisa Ann said...

Great song. Thanks for sharing the link.

Peggy said...

Sheila...another sweet and unique choice..that touch me exactly where I'm at KIDS and SIGNS. I love it! Since the 80s, when I learned that my homeschooled daughter could not learn...I learned how to motivate her through putting "lessons" and scripture to music so she could and she did! Integrity Music had
different series on Scripture but more for grown-ups,maybe they have them for kids now...but I have many cassettes for that exact reason! Music...scripture...praise and worship all go hand and hand.
That's why signing is perfect also!
Though I noticed GOD seemed backward...I do it on the side from top to bottom(with the"b" sign). Blessing, Peggy