Thursday, May 15, 2008

More great scripture songs!

Joy at Joy in the Journey posted this post challenging us to worship the Lord with our kids in singing the Word with them. This is something I've come to treasure with my boys...just singing and dancing to Jesus!

Joy recommended these two links, you can listen to the music there. I LOVED THEM ALL! Here are the links: Seeds Family Worship and Glory Revealed.


Shepherdess to five lambs, so far said...

We rock out to the Seeds CD's in our home too! And it is now common to hear mommy trying to sing scripture as I train up the little ones. The most recent verse that I made into a tune is "the good you know you ought to do and you don't, it's sin. So, do what is right, do what is right!"

Sheila said...

Awesome! I'm loving implementing singing to put the Word to memory. It really makes such a tremendous difference to sing as opposed to just read and try to remember.

Anonymous said...

Hey -
in response to your question about the Elisabeth Elliot emails, I signed up for them at Back to the Bible. It's a little tricky finding where to go, so I tried to copy the url. Try this - hopefully you can figure it out from there.

If that doesn't work, go to back to the bible, then you will have to hold your cursor over the "interact with us" tag at the top - a box will drop down. Click on "e-newsletters," then I think you will have to create a login ID.
Then you will go to a page where you will need to scroll down halfway to check the box of which devotionals you want sent.

Hopefully that will do it. I love Mrs. Elliot's radio program, books, and devotionals. They actually have her radio shows on there, too, WRITTEN, not to download (more's the pity). I love her voice. I read on her website last year that her husband had cancelled her speaking engagements, as she was not talking much anymore. Her homegoing, when it is time, will truly be a glorious one.

Anyway, I hope that helps!