Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Had to share this

On the way home from the gym this morning my 5 year old asked to listen to my ipod and so I let him. I just have my favorite worship tunes on there and the Searchlight Radio broadcasts (WHICH I LOVE!). I thought it was on a worship song, but when we pulled up into the driveway, Connor (my 5 y/o) was yelling, "Mom! He said Moses!"

I thought he'd picked up on some lyrics from one of the songs or something so I listened to see what he was hearing and it was a teaching from Pastor Jon Courson, from Searchlight, in 1 Samuel.

I said, "Oh, son, your listening to the man teach the Bible!"

He answered, "Yeah!" And quickly shoved the buds back in his ears and continued to listen for AN HOUR! I was soooo blessed and was praying for the Word to be deeply planted as he listened.

I had been praying for the boys to be influenced by MEN who love Jesus and His word, not just their mommy. I want them to know that the love of God's word is not just for mommies or women, but for men! I want them to that influence which they don't have in this house. And so at home during the day I've been playing some teachings from pastors I listen to on the radio aloud in the house. I just want them to hear a man's voice speaking the Word of God. There's just something so irreplacable about a man teaching God's word.

Anyway I was soooo blessed.

And speaking of pastors I listen to, I just wanted to share this link to a Living On the Edge series with pastor Chip Ingram which is on the radio currently. It's a great series on child training called What's a parent to do?

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e-Mom said...

Awesome Sheila! I'm SO excited for you and your son. Hugs!