Thursday, April 10, 2008

Contributions and great ideas for teaching through Passover

I recently got some comments from other blogging moms who also teach their children at home concerning Passover and scripture songs and they are great ideas! Thanks Prairie Chick and Rebecca for your input, encouragement and ideas.

Prairie Chick suggested Sonlight's Sing the Word cd's. I surfed over there and found a treasury of resources. Depending on your budget, sounds like Sonlight's cirriculums have some great tools for teaching God's word, about God's world and HIStory there. I'll definantly be purchasing some of the Sing the Word cd's. You can listen to some free mp3 samples online and they sound like exactly what I'm looking for.

Rebecca shared the link to her blog and I found it very encouraging. Head over and check it out. She has 5 beautiful little ones and one on the way if I understood correctly! I like her bullet points for their unit study on the Passover. Here's a couple bullet points of my own:

  • I've decided to change the song we're learning this month and singing together in the mornings to Nothing but the Blood. I love the old hymns and they're easy to sing and teach to the boys. I Am is a great song, but the boys were have a hard time getting/hearing the words. I found a fun version of Nothing but the Blood from Jars of Clay that is fun to sing and dance to with my busy boys! You can listen to it free here and read the lyrics here.

  • Also, I found these really great books to read to the boys at my local library:

  • Oh! And we're watching the new animated Ten Commandments movie that came out on DVD last month. The boys really enjoy it and for the most part the scriptural message is preserved.

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