Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Welcome Mom to four blessings, so far! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more I met Mommy to four blessings at the church family I was part of in Oregon awhile back, but never really got to know her. Recently, I've been following her blog from Uganda through a link I got at another friends blog. Blogs are great! You can visit her blog, 4 Colorful Kiddos, here.

Anyway, after leaving a comment with her the other day she emailed me and left me this great idea about teaching our kids to pray and geography at the same time. She writes:

Hello again,

I was just at your 'timothy moms' blog and thought I would send you a quick idea.

Now that I have two three year olds I thought it would be fun to incorporate their learning in with Eryn's (my 5 year old). We have a book of world puzzles--Eryn is learnig her continents. We choose a continent each day, put together the puzzle, learn a few facts and pray for a people group within that continent. We also use a book called "Opertion World." As well as a children's book put out by Wycliffe Bible translators--praying for a people group from A to Z. What an overwhelming blessing as I asked if any of my children would like to pray for the people of China (we were studying Asia). Ezekiel, my three year old prayed a heartfelt prayer, "that the people of China would obey Jesus." Amen!

Amen is right! I haven't done much in that area with my boys but sounds like a great idea. Something I'll have to begin incorporating. Now to find a world puzzle... :-)

Thanks again Mom to four blessings!

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