Sunday, January 13, 2008

what an honor!

I got the sweetest comment from Robin over at Heart of Wisdom. She put a link to a post from Timothy moms on her new meme Super Simple Spiritual Sunday. I realized what an honor that is when I started reading through her site. What a jackpot of resources for Timothy moms like me and you!! Please visit her site (Heart of Wisdom) and the site she contributes at (The Heart of the Matter) as a homeschooling mom is also chalk full of great ideas and resources. Robin even has a giveaway. So go check them out!

The other four blog post from other sites that Robin honored on her meme today are also very encouraging and have great information. The three little questions post on Rahab's thread particularly blessed me as I've recently started taking my boys (3 and 4 y/o) to the family service at my local church gathering. We've only gone to this service twice but it's my goal to increase going to this family service from once a month to more frequently as they mature. They've blessed me so much as they've truly tried hard to sit quietly and listen. On our way home we talk about what they heard. I'm always so blessed by what they picked up in the teaching. The three little questions post just gave me some ideas on how to help them retain what they heard with some key questions. Here's an excerpt from her post but I'd encourage you to go read the entire thing. And check out the other posts Robin was blessed by too!

Lastly, as I mentioned earlier, the three question method can be adapted by changing the questions. For example, the form that I taught my sons for listening in church is: What did I learn about God? What did I learn about myself? What am I going to do in response to what I’ve learned about God and/or myself? Through this simple exercise (which even my six year old participates in) I have delighted in hearing my sons state attributes about God, realize convictions about themselves, and then think through what they are going to do in response. God is gracious to always give opportunities for discussion throughout the week on what we are all learning about God, ourselves, and a proper response to Him.

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