Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What do you have in the house?

The story of Elisha's widow in 2 Kings 4:1-7 SO speaks to me as a Timothy mom. Many times the Lord has brought this story to mind, instructing me and telling me who I am. Those who know me best have heard me say many times, "When it comes to being a mom I feel empty, dry, barren...I don't know what to do!" And I'm coming to realize even the moms I've thought had it all together also feel insecure in many ways.

What I love about this story is not that God gives me a feel good answer, but He recognizes my barrenness. He sees I have nothing in my spiritual cupboards to pour into my kids' spiritual tummies, but He also sees all that as meaning nothing if I'll obey Him. If I'll take what He's given me, even a little oil, and starting pouring it out into my sons lives. He always takes all we can offer, which is never enough, and miraculously uses it to feed the multitudes or fill up the empty vessels presented to us by our kids. And when we obey Him and just start pouring out the oil He's given us, though it seems it's not enough, He'll be our supply.

When we first moved to Arizona my newly reunited marriage was like Jerusalem's walls of ruins in Nehemiah and my two year old son and his 11 month old brother were, I secretly felt, draining the life out me. Everyday I felt unequipped to be what they needed that Christ might be seen in me and in our home.

One day, as I was crying out to the Lord, feeling particularly hopeless and discouraged, feeling stuck between a rock and hard place and unable to be the mom or wife I felt was desperately needed at that time, the Lord spoke to my heart this story of Elisha's widow. I've spent much time this last year trying to soak in exactly what He was speaking to me and as He's humbled me I see it's very simple: The oil any of us have is His Spirit; His supernatural life and power to deliver His life changing word to another- to be a witness of Jesus.

We may have no other earthly riches or talents, but if God's Spirit dwells in us we have the priceless oil of God HIMSELF! When I believe by faith that God's Spirit is my strength and I begin pouring out into my kids- singing a hymn with them or to them even though it's off tune, reading a simple scripture to them though they don't seem to be listening, talking with them about Who created the worms though I wonder if they've just learned to give me the "right" answer, "Jesus", and though it's very apparent I cannot save my kids from the enemy who comes to take them as slaves (2 Kings 4:1b), God will keep pouring into me and will be the strength I need and the salvation my kids need.
That's how being a Timothy Mom started long before the blog. Two women- a mom and a grandma- despite all the odds against them; without any nice christian radio stations, books, videos, games or plays; without a nice church program, preschool, or godly husband; without a democracy where the right to worship freely was upheld and encouraged, simply lived by faith and poured out God's word into the life of their little boy. And God used their faith to build a man who would pen some of the books of the New Testament.

So, "What do you have in the house Sheila?" That's God's question to me. Do you have a voice? Sing with your kids My praises. Can you pray? Pray with them and for them. Do you have a Bible? Read it to them and share it's truths as you go about your day.

I know, just as is it was with Elisha's widow it is with me. When God first encouraged me in these things all I felt I could do was sing to the boys at night time. So I started singing, "The Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you..." Next thing I new my 2 year old was quoting that priestly blessing and still asks every night to be sung that little out of tune prophecy in his precious ears. As time has gone on I continue to feel barren as a mom, but it's a good thing because I know what I do have, a little oil, is all that I need and more than enough because being a Timothy mom is, "Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit,' says the LORD of hosts." (Zech.4:6b)

What do you have in the house? What gifts, abilities, resources do you have which you can pour out into your kids by the power of His Spirit as you live a life of faith before your children?

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