Thursday, January 24, 2008

I see a planting of the LORD...just had to share this!

You know what? This is a thankful thursday!! I posted this a few hours ago and then reading through my bloglines I remembered Thankful Thursday. I surely have much to be thankful for, and today, the planting of the LORD I saw sprouting up in my son tops the list!

We just got home from a library trip and running errands and while the kids were eating lunch I pulled out the two books I had picked up for them at the library. Connor immediately went for the Martin Luther King Jr. learn to read book and requested, "Read this one first mom!"

So I read this great little book about a class who's teacher told them that Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who, "Had a dream to make the world a better place," and asked them to share their dreams via a drawing. Then the little book reveals several of the 1st graders' drawings and their dreams. Dreams like, "I have a dream that there will be no more fighting." And, "I have a dream that the world will be clean." While I was reading my heart was welling up with worship as in my heart I was saying, "One day Lord Jesus these dreams will be reality for those who worship you."

When I was done I asked the boys what their dreams were. This is what sooo touched me! Connor, completely unprompted (I hadn't spoken a word about Jesus, just read the book), announced very enthusiastically, "I have a dream mom that Jesus will give me a new heart! WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, NO MOM, NO, I MEAN...the bestest, bestest dream I ever have is that Jesus gives me a new name!"

My heart leaped! I saw eternity! I saw a planting of the Lord that He will guard and keep forever in my baby! All the praying and talk and reading from scripture and making little clay mementos this month on the subject of how God makes all things new sprouted up a nice little blossom in Connor today. Thank you Jesus!!

You can see the book I'm referring to in the widget in the sidebar. The other book, Saint Valentine, I plan to begin reading next month actually, but I read it today and I think it'll be another great conversation starter.
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Denise said...

Beautiful list, bless you.